Labradoodle & Bernedoodle Stud Service


Suzanne Fung & Family, San Francisco, CA

January 7, 2017

“When I was searching for a breeder, I wanted to find someone who was professional, responsible and truly loved their dogs and their puppies. Jo is exactly that person. Her priority has always been the health, safety, and happiness of her dogs and their puppies. It shows in the way she cares for them throughout the entire process. She takes every precaution to keep them safe and healthy. I really appreciated that. Not only will I go home with an adorable puppy, but I can rest assured he or she is also healthy and happy. She is open and keeps the families connected through emails, pictures, videos and puppy cams. Jo is the best. I could not be more proud to have a Serenity Springs labradoodle as my newest family member.”