Labradoodle & Bernedoodle Stud Service


Rocky & Margaret Di Bianco, Lakewood Ranch, FL

January 9, 2017

“Jo, Our boy Murphy is something else, he is beyond what any person could dream up. You and Leslie created such a beautiful animal. He is unaffected by any sounds. Had him out in a horrific thunderstorm, he’s unflappable. Leslie thought it would take a while for him to warm up to me. On the second morning, I went in to shave and he came in and laid on top of my feet. Brought tears to my eyes, I feel like I came home. It’s hard to describe. Gosh, Jo , this pup is beyond wonderful. He loves to please and he’s a gentle Ben. Leslie’s training is amazing. When I get out the goody bag, he starts the routine without me, it’s fascinating to watch him do a couple commands and I have not said a word. Today is twelve days he’s been with us and it feels like I have loved him forever. By the way did I mention the little Buddha weighs 16.9 lbs on sat July 14 eats like a crazy man and jumps in his water bowl. If this pair of parents can do this kind of quality litter again, your hardest job should be picking people that truly deserve one of your dogs. Believe me you have been given something very special and it surely can’t last forever. Maybe on their next litter I would be ready for a girl. You never know. I am forever grateful to you and Leslie and would only have another one of your dogs. You started this dog off the right and Leslie finished. The gift you two have given us is beyond words, he is what Leslie told me what he would be, PERFECT. By the way did I mention I am one happy guy”