Labradoodle & Bernedoodle Stud Service


Joanna Leaman, Morris Plains, N.J.

January 8, 2017

“Dear Jo — Thank you so much for our wonderful Teddy! He has quickly stolen our hearts. Teddy is 13 weeks old and has become part of our family. I spent a lot of time researching types of dogs and breeders and once I came across your web site and saw the kind of love and care you give the puppies as well as your own dogs I just knew you were the one! I wanted a breeder who spends a lot of time with the pups and didn’t just have them in a room somewhere in the house. Your dedication to updating us with videos, pictures, e-mails, phone calls, even texting was wonderful. Even though we weren’t there you made us feel as if we were. We loved that you have videos of not only the puppies but the big dogs as well. It’s great to see what the puppies will look like when grown. Most breeder’s web sites have limited pictures of fully grown labradoodles and very few videos. So much fun to see all the dogs at your home. We’ve had Teddy for 3 weeks and he is quite a hit with everyone he meets. He has met other dogs, children, adults and is a very friendly guy. Teddy comes to the office with us and we have a pop-up play pen which we call his fort. He loves to be in it and gets so excited when people stop in to visit him. We even have someone in our building who is afraid of dogs. Well, she too is taken by Teddy! We have never had a puppy before and so many people can’t believe what a calm puppy he is. Sure he likes to steal my slippers and we have to watch him outside in our yard since he loves to pounce like a cat in the shrubs and flowers and sometimes finds things to put in his mouth, but he has a very laid back, extremely sweet personality. He loves to cuddle with us. Teddy is great in the car and loves to go for walks. He learned very quickly using the easy walk harness you sent with him. When we take him on walks he likes to stop, sit and greet everyone who walks by. We weren’t sure how Teddy would take to meeting some of the dogs who frequent our home but he loves them to come and visit. He has met very large dogs and small ones and was not intimidated by any of them. In fact he barks to tell them he wants to play, he is very calm and gives them the opportunity to get to know him and plays gently with them. One of the reasons for choosing a labradoodle was my daughter. Jennifer has asthma and is allergic to dogs and cats. We frequently have dogs that we sit for in our home and when they are there for more than a night they usually start to bother her. In the 3 weeks that Teddy has been with us she has been fine. Teddy has to be the perfect dog and Jo your love for all of the puppies in those early weeks certainly is the reason why. We love our California born boy here in New Jersey. You will always have a special place in our hearts. Teddy and his new family will keep in touch.”