Labradoodle & Bernedoodle Stud Service


James & Mary Aram, Chico, CA

January 7, 2017

“Isabelle (Izzy) adopted our family as her guardian home at eight weeks of age. A big part of the reason we wanted Izzy was the great impression Jo and Ron made on us as we explored the possibility of becoming a guardian home for Serenity Springs Labradoodles. As Izzy continues to mature—now on the eve of her first fertilized gestation (almost two years old)—our respect for Jo, along with the quality of care and attention she showers on her dogs, grows too. She and Ron are all about the welfare of their pups, and that was the clincher for us. This is not to diminish the playful, affectionate nature and hypoallergenic, non-shedding aspects of the breed. We already knew a Labradoodle was the right dog for us, but our partnership with Jo and Ron only serves to enrich our “Izzy experience.”

We had no idea of just how right Izzy would be for us. She snuggled, wiggled, and licked her way into our hearts the day she arrived. We knew from the beginning this would be a very special relationship. Wonderful dog companions had graced both our lives previously, but with Izzy my mantra quickly became, “I never knew I could love a dog so much.” People often stop to admire and ask about Izzy. I introduce her as my daughter! And my wife, Mary, often tells them, “She makes us much more popular than we deserve to be.” When I retired a year or two earlier I could not have guessed the daily delight and astonishing, new sense of responsibility Izzy would breathe into my work-weary soul.

Izzy literally radiates joy and comfort in this challenging world. She has an amazing way of helping straighten out the complexity of life. The combination of her sweet disposition and spirited enthusiasm smooth the rough edges on any day, no matter how tough it might be. We are constantly reinvigorated by her affection and the unconditional love we feel from and for her.

Put simply, Izzy is the happiest dog I have ever known, and she makes me happy. Our gratitude to Jo and Ron is immense for the privilege of sharing in her little life. Our admiration is great for the service they render though their business.”