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Dogs Detect Cancer

Dina Zaphiris and her husband Todd Labrie train dogs to detect early stage cancer in humans. Dina has over 25 years of dog training experience, including bomb and narcotics detection dogs, and search and rescue dogs. She has been working with dogs for 12 years now on how to detect early stages of cancer in humans. Dina is bringing her program to Northern California to collaborate with UC Davis doctors and researchers to further her studies in training dogs on how to detect cancer! In Situ Foundation, Dina’s 501(c)3, has been funded to begin a 2 dog, head & neck cancer study in collaboration with UC Davis, starting June 2015. In Situ Foundation is currently collaborating with Duke University on a breast cancer study.

We are please to announce that one of Serenity Springs labradoodle puppies has been chosen to be the first UC Davis dog, and be trained to “Sniff Out Cancer”. You can read more about the program and Dina’s non-profit organization at the following link,

Check out this ABC News video about Dina’s Dog’s Detecting Cancer Program