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What a joy this sweet, loving little girl has brought into our lives. Maisy greets you with great enthusiasm at the door. This love and joy from her melts away the day’s concerns instantly. She listens well and is well behaved. She love to play almost as much as she loves to snuggle….she is a big snuggler!! She is a great watch dog announcing when someone arrives down our very long driveway. Seriously gives me comfort when my hubby isn’t home. She has learned many tricks this last year including walking on her two hind feet all around the room AND then she performs a little dance round and round (on her hind feet) for our entertainment. Oh how we love sweet Maisy to pieces.

Jim and Maureen Wildauer, Redding, CA January 1, 2017

My wife, Lynn, and I have two of Jo’s dogs from Serenity Springs Labradoodles, Ranger and Scout! Ranger is 9 months old and an amazing dog. He is very smart and learns very quickly. He really has an amazing temperament. Scout is 8 weeks old and we just got him today, Jan 10, 2016, wow what a sweet boy he is! Jo is incredibly responsive and goes above and beyond to care for her pups in a warm and safe environment. She has always taken time to talk, respond to email or texts when we have questions. She also provides each family with all the information they will need to raise a happy, healthy and obedient puppy. You sense her deep passion for providing excellent puppies for her customers. If you are looking for a medium size multigenerational Labradoodle…I HIGHLY recommend Jo Ubina-Smith of Serenity Springs Labradoodles

Neil & Lynn Johnson, Tarzana, CA January 2, 2017

Now that we have Desi safe and sound in our own home, I can tell the world what I REALLY think about Jo and Serenity Springs. They are absolutely amazing. Everything about this breeder speaks of professionalism – from the prompt response to my initial contact to the thorough, well-organized “farewell” binder we were given on pick up day. We so appreciated the weekly update pictures and the ability to check in with the puppies daily through the puppy cam. The environment in which the puppies are raised is unparalleled. It is clear that Jo’s focus is to produce healthy, intelligent, well-socialized Labradoodles. We are so thankful that we are now part of the Serenity Springs extended family.

Deanna & Doug Marlitt, Gilroy, CA January 2, 2017

Jo and Ron are the sweetest people with the best looking doodles I’ve ever seen. Her love and care for her puppies is the very best. She is always available to answer any questions you may have and keeps you in the loop every step of the way from when your puppy is born to when you get to take her/him home. She goes above and beyond. I don’t think you could find a better, more high quality breeder! I highly recommend Serenity Springs Labradoodles

West & Melanie Rice, Chico, CA January 2, 2017

I have been watching Jo and the puppies on the puppy cam for quite some time. She is always there to clean up after the pups, feed them regularly, pick them up and pet them, place toys that are age appropriate , and she does so many other things to keep them safe from harm and diseases. People have asked me, “Why do you wait for a pup from Serenity Springs when you could get one immediately from other sources?” My answer is simple, “Those pups receive as much or more care than a human baby! Why would I take a chance on another when I know that these are the best!”

Vernon Byrd, Chico, CA January 3, 2017

“Our journey kind of started on August 26th, 2013 when our precious Lab, Shilo crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. I knew that day was coming because of his failing health but it sure didn’t ease the horrific pain and loss we both felt once that day arrived.

I was fortunate enough to have come to know Jo Ubina-Smith on Facebook and who bred these precious Labradoodles. This was several months before we lost our Shilo. And once we were a one pup family with our current Labradoodle Cole, it finally became apparent we wanted to take the plunge and get a Serenity Springs Labradoodle pup.

From Mattie Mac’s birth to the day we finally picked him up, we were able to view him and how much he was growing into the cutest little fur ball I’d ever seen. I’d never heard of anyone birthing and raising their babies in their actual house as Jo does. And a litter box for a dog? Never heard of that either.

September of last year, 2014 we made our way up to Northern, CA to get our little Mattie Mac and bring back with us in our motor home. Since he was litter box trained we set up a pen area in the kitchen of the motor home with a kennel and a litter box. Well, it took us 5 days to get home and Mattie didn’t have one accident. We watched in amazement as he trotted over to the litter box and did his little duty in it then happily jump out. And when we got home, he was, to us, the smartest pup we’d ever raised. He learned so quickly to go out our doggy door, following his big brother Cole.

Our little boy turned a year old on June 22nd, 2015 and has grown into such a smart, sweet and loving part of our family. Our Mattie has brought us more joy then I could have ever imagined and I have to say that I believe that the love he got long before his mom and daddy came to get him, made all the difference in the world. I, we, know one thing for sure, Jo and her husband Ron give all of their pups the love, care and training that, to us, go over above and beyond what you would ever dream of from a breeder and we are so grateful to have found them.”

Steve & Kate Cook, Yuma, Arizona January 5, 2017

“This testimonial has been a long time coming! Adopting our puppy through Serenity Springs was such a great experience. Jo kept us up to date with photos and videos of the little puppies once they were born. We could easily see how much she cared for them and couldn’t wait until ours came home. Jo matched our family with a perfect little doodle girl. Our Penny is now almost 3 years old; I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by. Penny is incredibly loving and well-behaved and has been since the day we got her. We had 2 little kids when Penny joined our family and we’ve added one more child since…she is so great with them. Penny is gentle, playful, and watchful. She is the first to say good morning to each of us when we wake up. In addition to her sweet personality, she doesn’t smell or shed! Labradoodles are fantastic dogs and I believe that Serenity Springs provides the best of them. We love Penny!!”

Graham & Shannon O'Kelly, Newport Beach January 5, 2017

“This was my first experience in adopting a puppy, and I cannot say enough about how wonderful the experience was in working with Jo to adopt my newest family member Kona. The love she has for each and every doodle that comes through her home is evident in the way she goes above and beyond to care for each puppy, ensuring they get off to the right start in life during their time at Serenity Springs. The health and safety of each puppy is her primary concern, and as a new puppy mom, that is much appreciated. Jo and her husband Ron raise the puppies in their home and spend time with each puppy on a daily basis, ensuring the pups are well adjusted and socialized to a busy household. Regular updates and information is shared with the adoptive families, from the mating all the way up until the day you take your doodle home via the weekly pictures, videos and updates. Kona has been a wonderful additional to the family and I cannot imagine life without her – everyone she meets is taken by her fun personality, good looks and spunky way! I would and have recommended Jo to anyone looking to adopt a labradoodle.”

Jennifer – Roseville, CA January 6, 2017

“Serenity Springs is clearly a love based business. Jo and Ron raise the puppies in their home and share the entire experience from birth to going to new homes with you via puppy cam, YouTube and photos. The bonding process starts immediately! Jo is very supportive, especially with new dog people like us, and provides lots of helpful information and resources. This is a small breeder, so puppies are not always available, but a great dog is worth the wait.”

Irene and Patrick, Santa Rosa CA January 6, 2017

“When I was searching for a breeder, I wanted to find someone who was professional, responsible and truly loved their dogs and their puppies. Jo is exactly that person. Her priority has always been the health, safety, and happiness of her dogs and their puppies. It shows in the way she cares for them throughout the entire process. She takes every precaution to keep them safe and healthy. I really appreciated that. Not only will I go home with an adorable puppy, but I can rest assured he or she is also healthy and happy. She is open and keeps the families connected through emails, pictures, videos and puppy cams. Jo is the best. I could not be more proud to have a Serenity Springs labradoodle as my newest family member.”

Suzanne Fung & Family, San Francisco, CA January 7, 2017

“There arent enough words to describe how wonderful Jo was throughout the process of adopting our beloved Labradoodle, Beatrice. My husband and I had never before adopted a pet and needed some hand holding throughout the process. Jo was incredible. She informed us every week of the progress of the adorable litter, keeping track of the pups through wonderful photos and videos, extending her commitment to loving the dogs and connecting the owners with their animals till the very day of adoption. I couldnt imagine a better dog than Beatrice – her loving, well-behaved, intelligent and funny personality is due to the care and love that Jo provided her while she was at Serenity Springs. I couldnt imagine a better family member as well as a better adoption process. I would recommend Jo and Serenity Springs to anyone looking for a beautiful labradoodle to join their family.”

Ben and Rachel Been, San Francisco, CA January 7, 2017

“Isabelle (Izzy) adopted our family as her guardian home at eight weeks of age. A big part of the reason we wanted Izzy was the great impression Jo and Ron made on us as we explored the possibility of becoming a guardian home for Serenity Springs Labradoodles. As Izzy continues to mature—now on the eve of her first fertilized gestation (almost two years old)—our respect for Jo, along with the quality of care and attention she showers on her dogs, grows too. She and Ron are all about the welfare of their pups, and that was the clincher for us. This is not to diminish the playful, affectionate nature and hypoallergenic, non-shedding aspects of the breed. We already knew a Labradoodle was the right dog for us, but our partnership with Jo and Ron only serves to enrich our “Izzy experience.”

We had no idea of just how right Izzy would be for us. She snuggled, wiggled, and licked her way into our hearts the day she arrived. We knew from the beginning this would be a very special relationship. Wonderful dog companions had graced both our lives previously, but with Izzy my mantra quickly became, “I never knew I could love a dog so much.” People often stop to admire and ask about Izzy. I introduce her as my daughter! And my wife, Mary, often tells them, “She makes us much more popular than we deserve to be.” When I retired a year or two earlier I could not have guessed the daily delight and astonishing, new sense of responsibility Izzy would breathe into my work-weary soul.

Izzy literally radiates joy and comfort in this challenging world. She has an amazing way of helping straighten out the complexity of life. The combination of her sweet disposition and spirited enthusiasm smooth the rough edges on any day, no matter how tough it might be. We are constantly reinvigorated by her affection and the unconditional love we feel from and for her.

Put simply, Izzy is the happiest dog I have ever known, and she makes me happy. Our gratitude to Jo and Ron is immense for the privilege of sharing in her little life. Our admiration is great for the service they render though their business.”

James & Mary Aram, Chico, CA January 7, 2017

“Being allergic to all animals, my choices of pets were always limited to fish! Finally, I met a doodle and it changed my life. I could have DOGS! I learned about Jo and Ron and found them to be two of the most loving and caring folks in the business. Our 2 dogs, JD (Just Dog) and DOOD (short for Doodle) came to us fully loved, calm and trained. My neighbors and friends still remark how well they listen and since they arrived crate and potty trained at 8-10 weeks, we had little to no problems with them AT ALL (ok, they’ve chewed a few remotes and like to steal socks…) and hands down this is the best dog experience I have ever had. I attribute it to the excellent breeding, care and attention these dogs received early on. Best part – they give a portion of the adoption fee to cancer research, in memory of Jo’s late son, Officer Mark Vasquez of the Manhattan Beach Police Department. I highly recommend Jo if you’re looking to bring a Labradoodle into your home. She is careful and selective and with her temperament testing, can help you select the right pup for your family. We love our dogs! Thanks to Serenity Springs Labradoodles!”

Cheryl A. Cross, C.A. Cross & Associates January 8, 2017

“We are the proud owners of a ten month old Labradoodle named Murphy. We adopted Murphy from Serenity Springs Labradoodles and it was a wonderful experience. Jo Ubina-Smith, owner and breeder of Serenity Springs, provides excellent service. Jo kept us updated throughout the process as to the health of the mother dog during pregnancy all the way through delivery. Jo provided pictures, videos, and educational information to help us prepare for our puppy. Murphy came to us as a healthy and well-adjusted puppy. He brings such joy and happiness to all the members of our family. Murphy is highly intelligent, has a wonderful demeanor, and is a tremendous amount of fun. We highly recommend Serenity Springs Labradoodles. You will not only gain a fantastic puppy but a friend in Jo. We could not be happier with our choice in breeder and puppy.”

Margaret & James Dimech, from Concord, CA January 8, 2017

“Serenity Springs Labradoodles is First Class! Jo Ubina-Smith is the best. She is super professional, absolutely loving and caring for each and every puppy. For example, watch Xander’s first bath and blow-dry on You-Tube. She treats them like she would keep them all. She is enthusiastic, a wealth of information, always trying to improve and do what’s best for the puppies. She has such high standards about their care: Anyone who touches them are required to take their shoes off, and wash their hands, even Jo herself, to not expose them to any threat or disease. She keeps in touch with the would-be owners by email with frequent pictures/videos and updates. She is always accessible and never “too busy” to answer questions. My puppy, Xander had the very best start in life I could ask or imagine. Check out some of his videos on serenitydoodles You-Tube! I highly recommend Serenity Springs Labradoodles.”

Catherine A. Magallones, Walnut Creek. January 8, 2017

“Dear Jo — Thank you so much for our wonderful Teddy! He has quickly stolen our hearts. Teddy is 13 weeks old and has become part of our family. I spent a lot of time researching types of dogs and breeders and once I came across your web site and saw the kind of love and care you give the puppies as well as your own dogs I just knew you were the one! I wanted a breeder who spends a lot of time with the pups and didn’t just have them in a room somewhere in the house. Your dedication to updating us with videos, pictures, e-mails, phone calls, even texting was wonderful. Even though we weren’t there you made us feel as if we were. We loved that you have videos of not only the puppies but the big dogs as well. It’s great to see what the puppies will look like when grown. Most breeder’s web sites have limited pictures of fully grown labradoodles and very few videos. So much fun to see all the dogs at your home. We’ve had Teddy for 3 weeks and he is quite a hit with everyone he meets. He has met other dogs, children, adults and is a very friendly guy. Teddy comes to the office with us and we have a pop-up play pen which we call his fort. He loves to be in it and gets so excited when people stop in to visit him. We even have someone in our building who is afraid of dogs. Well, she too is taken by Teddy! We have never had a puppy before and so many people can’t believe what a calm puppy he is. Sure he likes to steal my slippers and we have to watch him outside in our yard since he loves to pounce like a cat in the shrubs and flowers and sometimes finds things to put in his mouth, but he has a very laid back, extremely sweet personality. He loves to cuddle with us. Teddy is great in the car and loves to go for walks. He learned very quickly using the easy walk harness you sent with him. When we take him on walks he likes to stop, sit and greet everyone who walks by. We weren’t sure how Teddy would take to meeting some of the dogs who frequent our home but he loves them to come and visit. He has met very large dogs and small ones and was not intimidated by any of them. In fact he barks to tell them he wants to play, he is very calm and gives them the opportunity to get to know him and plays gently with them. One of the reasons for choosing a labradoodle was my daughter. Jennifer has asthma and is allergic to dogs and cats. We frequently have dogs that we sit for in our home and when they are there for more than a night they usually start to bother her. In the 3 weeks that Teddy has been with us she has been fine. Teddy has to be the perfect dog and Jo your love for all of the puppies in those early weeks certainly is the reason why. We love our California born boy here in New Jersey. You will always have a special place in our hearts. Teddy and his new family will keep in touch.”

Joanna Leaman, Morris Plains, N.J. January 8, 2017

“We are a guardian home for Timmy. He is 10 months old and he is a very loving & affectionate dog. When our Boxer died in December 2010, we swore we would never have another dog. Then Timmy came along and we have to admit, he is worth every penny we spent on him. We have become a Labradoodle family for life! The support we get from Jo Ubina-Smith of Serenity Springs is amazing. She is attentive to Timmy’s needs and extremely responsive. We are so grateful for the opportunity and cannot wait to have one of Timmy’s pups in our family.”

Joe & Deb Aiello, San Dimas, CA January 9, 2017

“Jo, Our boy Murphy is something else, he is beyond what any person could dream up. You and Leslie created such a beautiful animal. He is unaffected by any sounds. Had him out in a horrific thunderstorm, he’s unflappable. Leslie thought it would take a while for him to warm up to me. On the second morning, I went in to shave and he came in and laid on top of my feet. Brought tears to my eyes, I feel like I came home. It’s hard to describe. Gosh, Jo , this pup is beyond wonderful. He loves to please and he’s a gentle Ben. Leslie’s training is amazing. When I get out the goody bag, he starts the routine without me, it’s fascinating to watch him do a couple commands and I have not said a word. Today is twelve days he’s been with us and it feels like I have loved him forever. By the way did I mention the little Buddha weighs 16.9 lbs on sat July 14 eats like a crazy man and jumps in his water bowl. If this pair of parents can do this kind of quality litter again, your hardest job should be picking people that truly deserve one of your dogs. Believe me you have been given something very special and it surely can’t last forever. Maybe on their next litter I would be ready for a girl. You never know. I am forever grateful to you and Leslie and would only have another one of your dogs. You started this dog off the right and Leslie finished. The gift you two have given us is beyond words, he is what Leslie told me what he would be, PERFECT. By the way did I mention I am one happy guy”

Rocky & Margaret Di Bianco, Lakewood Ranch, FL January 9, 2017

“I am a Guardian Home for Serena and Destiny. They have been with me since they were 4 months old. They have been a gift to me as they are very loving, gentle and so smart. I love their “go with the flow,” personality, Labradoodles are great family pets. Serenity Springs takes extra care in raising their pups from day one, until the day the go to their new homes. All the pups are raised inside their home as part of their family. You can’t go wrong getting a Doodles from Serenity Springs Labradoodles.”

Michal-Ann Mendoza, San Jose, Ca January 9, 2017

Our Labradoodle, Ausse, is almost 9 months old. He is the most loving and affectionate dog we have ever had and we have had 10 dogs over the years, 7 0f them were Labs. The loving nature of a Labrador really comes out in this dog.
We were looking for a dog that did not shed like our Labradors in the past did, and we found him.

He is very anxious to please and he could not be a better match for us.
We whole heartily recommend and support Serenity Springs Labradoodles.

Norm and Tanis Larson, Chico CA January 9, 2017


I can’t tell you how much we are ALL in LOVE with puppy Sam!  He’s 1 1/2 yrs now.  30 lbs.  Fluffy, happy, well adjusted, and well loved!  And the BEST personality we could ever have imagined!  He fits perfectly into our family!

Lewis Family August 15, 2017

Jazzy, just turned 1.5 years.  We love this doodle and so does everyone that sees her.  Her coloring is beautiful, coat is soft and smooth, perfect size for an indoor dog (miniature).  She went through training easily and is well behaved.
Serenity Springs is a great Labradoodle breeding facility and Jo is very helpful in getting you and your Doodle off to a good start. She is also very willing to answer questions after purchase and is always interested in how you and your Doodle are doing.  I could not give Serenity Springs a higher recommendation.

Bill Olson September 28, 2017


Absolutely, positively the best place to get your next incredible, intelligent, beautiful labradoodle!  We found Serenity Springs Labradoodles through the various search engines and quickly knew we found the right labradoodle breeder when we visited the website and saw Jo’s work with Multiple Myeloma Cancer Research- something that’s very dear to our hearts.  Once we decided on Serenity Springs, Jo was readily available to answer any and all questions throughout the entire process.  Start to finish and after!  Absolutely any time we had a question of who/what/when/how with our new puppy, Fozzie, she has been there every step of the way!  Fozzie is now 9 months old and is such an integral part of our lives I cannot even begin to describe.  Serenity Springs Labradoodles is not a puppy mill.  The parents are happy and members of a family; the puppies are cared for (and on cam!) Haha!  The first 8 weeks are spent in Jo and Ron’s own home.  The puppies get their first shots before you pick them up, and they come with factual, detailed genetic testing from a lineage of Labradoodles!  Folks, if you’re serious about getting a new addition to your family and want to deal with a reputable, knowledgeable, and caring breeder, I wholeheartedly recommend Serenity Springs Labradoodles!

Marek T. Los Angeles, California September 28, 2017

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Hi Jo!  … I just wanted to tell you how wonderful it’s been to have Piper. She’s such a good girl, so smart, she’s so popular in our neighborhood during this quarantine and everyone knows her. She’s super sweet and just the biggest cuddle bug and I thank God literally every day that I found you and found her because I wouldn’t survive this quarantine without her. What you do and the base you give these puppies before they go home is so amazing and you do such good work with them! You really do change people’s lives.


Crosby Family, Northern California May 24, 2020